Hadley, New York

AEP Colloids was established in 1966 as an import agent for food ingredients. In 1984 AEP was purchased by Sarcom Inc. This acquisition was made to increase the product line to include water soluble gums and custom stabilizers. Over the years AEP has continued to strengthen its relationships with overseas suppliers and at the same time become more specialized in the hydrocolloid industry.

Fresh blueberries and cherries backgroun


Traverse City, Michigan

Cherry Central is the industry leader in red tart cherries, apples and blueberries and is also a major supplier of cranberries, strawberries, pomegranate arils and asparagus grown on farms across the United States, Canada and worldwide.


Fishers, Indiana

DairyChem Laboratories Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing natural dairy flavors for over 75 years. Today, DairyChem continues to develop and produce natural dairy flavors in our modern manufacturing plant utilizing fermentation and our steam distillation process in addition to innovative new technologies including natural enzyme modification of milk, butter, and cheese.


Carver, Mass.

The story of Decas is one of dedication to quality, innovation and our mission – to grow cranberries that are simply the best. Our success has been due to a combination of our own commitment, the shared passion of our grower network, and the careful attention placed on our customers’ and consumers’ needs by our team. We’re proud of these products that bear our family name and believe them to be some of the best cranberries in the world. We hope that you enjoy our berries as much as we do.


St. Louis, Missouri

Deko was founded as a broad-line food ingredients distributor including MSG and I+G. Our access to product, strategically positioned inventory, experience and expertise in the space allow us to service food manufacturers and processors of all types.


Newtown, Penn.

We have developed a wide range of over 150 different powder types, both natural and alkalized versions, with fat contents ranging from 10% to 24%. This range is accomplished through selection of raw materials in combination with our processing expertise. Dutch Cocoa produces many types of cocoa powder varying in colour, from medium-brown to darker reddish cocoa powders. We further distinguishes ourselves by producing single origin powders from South-American origins such as Peru, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.


Dupo, Illinois

Gateway Food Products, a family owned manufacturer and processor of vegetable oils, shortenings, corn syrups, flakes, custom blended oils and soy wax products. We formulate and package a variety of proprietary formulas from our wide range of bulk ingredients. We are centrally located in the Midwest, allowing us to be competitive anywhere in the country. With our diversified product lines, Gateway Food Products provides a wide range of items to meet our customers' specific requirements.

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harvesting potatoes on the ground on a b


Rigby, Idaho

Idaho Pacific is a manufacturer of Dehydrated Potato Flakes, Potato Flours and Potato Granules. Potato Flake and Flour available in Clean Label / Additive Free and Organic.  Potatoes are our specialty – that’s all we do, and our guarantee to customers is that they are buying, using, and serving the finest potato products available. We enjoy a close working relationship with our customers, and our employees are committed to delivering quality products with professional, friendly, and accurate service. No Customer is too small or too large.


San Francisco, California

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is traditionally brewed and aged for full flavor, just like a great wine. We start with the finest soybeans and wheat. We blend them with a starter culture, water and salt. And then we add the most important ingredient of all: time. Despite the advances of technology, our fermentation process simply can't be hurried. It takes several months for the rich, mellow flavor and the complex bouquet of Kikkoman Soy Sauce to develop.


Seattle, Washington

Experts agree that consumers will continue to seek products with all natural, wholesome ingredients. Since 1980, Northwest Naturals has specialized in transforming fruit into nutritious, natural juice concentrates, fruit essences, WONF juice blends, and turnkey liquid fruit solutions. Today, Northwest Naturals is a leading supplier of fruit juice concentrates, servicing both domestic and international manufacturers for products and applications 


Davenport, Iowa

PB Leiner's gelatin and collagen solutions are designed to be as versatile, flexible and widely acceptable as possible. This means they should inspire you to come up with great food ideas. All of our ingredients are clean label, are 100% natural, GMO-free and gluten-free, and therefore perfectly ready for consumer and market acceptance.


St. Louis, Missouri

From a small startup in 1972, to a global color-producing behemoth in its present avatar, manufacturing and distributing synthetic and natural colors for the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, Roha is a sum of all the experiences and dreams of those associated with it.

Today, Roha’s product range encompasses synthetic and natural products created for a multitude of applications- Food and Beverages, Pet food, Animal feed, Cosmetics and Industrial applications.


Sioux City, Iowa

Since 1921, Sue Bee Honey has been the standard that all honey is judged by. For generations, our independent beekeepers have made sure every bottle of Sue Bee is grandma approved by sampling, testing and grading all honey for clarity, floral type, flavor, moisture and color. So, the honey you pick from the shelf is always pure, all-natural honey.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Sonstegard Foods group is a 3rd generation family owned agriculture and egg business that remains committed to high standards by investing in technology, processes and people.  The collective includes operations in six states, delivering quality eggs and egg products into domestic and international markets.  Our customers include food product distributors and manufacturers, governmental agencies and retailers.


Corvallis, Oregon

At Stahlbush, we grow and freeze the most delicious fruits, vegetables, grains & legumes. Our certified sustainable, family farm is located in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley! Our owners, Bill and Karla Chambers, started with 2 crops, about 300 acres and a dream in 1985. Today, Stahlbush cultivates 5,000 acres in Oregon and offers the freshest individually quick frozen fruits, vegetables, grains & legumes available.


Turlock, California

For the last 25 years we have provided fresh from-the-garden flavor, innovative product formats, and on-trend flavor solutions for food manufacturers. What’s our purpose? To enhance the daily eating experience by partnering with our customers to bring great flavors to life on menus and in food products.


Marina, CA

We are a family of people who seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthful ginger products. By partnering with farmers and producers in the premier growing regions of the world, we support communities and create loyal relationships with those around us.

Closeup dried candied crystallized ginge


Selah, Washington

You may know us for our retail apple juice and sauce, but did you know that we provide fruit ingredients to more than 20 of the world’s top 25 food companies? We process and supply fruit ingredients, including: Dried Apples, Frozen Fruit, Fruit Juice Concentrates, Dried Fruit Powders, Fruit Purées, Formulated Fruit Bases and Infused Apples.


Fresno, California

Valley Fig Growers was established in 1959 and is the largest handler of figs in North America. The cooperative represents 40% of the California fig industry. All of the commercially sold dried figs produced in the United States are grown in the Fresno area and north, in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. California represents 10% of the world production of dried figs.


Madera, California

Victor Packing offers an extensive array of raisin products, both conventional and organic. We sell our raisin products all around the world, and take great pride in being a global supplier of the world’s finest raisins. Our ability to meet the most stringent quality and safety specifications makes our products the superior choice.


Roslyn, New York

Since 1917 WM. E. MARTIN & SONS CO., INC. has been an integral part of the American spice trade. While our shipments initially arrived on clipper ships, over 90 years later we have daily arrivals of 40’ ocean containers and have grown into one of the largest importers of spices in America. We strive to maintain fresh inventories of the world’s finest spices, seeds and herbs utilizing four generations of world wide sourcing contacts to offer the most competitive prices in today’s market.


Crowley, Louisiana

More than half a century ago, our company began developing innovative rinse resistant grain premixes for the rice industry – and we’ve been expanding our services and developing breakthroughs in enrichment and fortification ever since.

Wright recognizes the need for technological development of essential fortification systems to deliver the most functional nutrients available. As a result, Wright is constantly developing products enriched the direct development, and not outsourcing, of innovative ingredients and technologies, giving you choices for virtually any application.

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