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Ingredients for Innovators

We offer a very diverse portfolio of ingredients for just about any sized food, beverage and pet food manufacturer.  Download our full product list below including cocoa powder, egg products, honey, fruits & vegetables, oils, sauces, seasonings and more.  Many of our products come in a variety of forms including dried, frozen and liquid. Our team can provide additional information including samples, available pack sizes and food safety documentation and pricing by request.

Food Colors

Natural and Artificial

Available in liquid, granular and powder forms.

25 lb. bag in box

50 lb. bag in box

Small packs available

Annatto seeds, achiote seeds, bixa orell

Natural Dairy Flavors

Natural Butter, Cheese, Cream and EMC products

Liquid, Pastes and Powders

Full customization available

A very close view of shredded Parmesan c
Background of a dry powder cocoa brown.j

Cocoa & Chocolate

Natural and Alkalized Powder

Full range of fat contents:

10-12%, 16-18%, 20-22%, 22-24%

Organic and Fair Trade

50 lb. bags

Fresh Whole Powdered Eggs as detailed cl

Egg Products

Dried, Liquid and Frozen

Whole Egg, Yolks and Whites

2,000 lb. totes

50 lb. box

30 lb. pails

dried slices apples background.jpg


Natural, Clean Label Fruits

Dried, Frozen, Purees

& Juice Concentrates

Totes, drums and bag in box packaging options available.

gelatin , powdered gelatin , cooking gel



Collagen, Gelatin, Gums and Custom Stabilizers.

MSG and I+G

2,000 lb. totes

50 lb. bags

Custom packs available.

IQF Herbs

Individually Quick Frozen

Culinary Herbs

Pastes and Purees

Packed at the peak of freshness.

Fresh basil on a dark background. Green

Honey & Other Sweeteners

Dark Amber, Light Amber &

White Clover Honey

Brown Rice Syrup

Corn Syrup

Maple Syrup

Blackstrap Molasses

Tapioca Syrup

Bubbles in honey.jpg
Lecithin powder in a spoon. Selective fo


Soybean, Sunflower and Canola Lecithin

Standard Grade, Deoiled (Powder) and Refined Value

50 lb. box

450 lb. drum

2,200 lb. tote

Cooking oil with bubbles as background,

Vegetable Oils & Shortenings

Canola, Coconut, Corn, Olive, Soybean and Sunflower

Custom blends available

Portion control pouches

35# JIB's

55 gal drum

275 gal tote 

Seeds & Spices

Garlic Granulated & Powder

Domestic and Imported

Black & White Pepper

Whole Brown Flax

Whole Sunflower

White Sesame

Dried  garlic  - close up view, can be u

Soy Sauce & 

Asian Sauces

Naturally Brewed and Fermented Soy Sauce

Thai Chili, Teriyaki, Sriracha

5 gal. pails

55 gal. drums

275 gal. totes

a sriracha sauce background texture.jpg
Dehydrated pumpkin flakes.jpg


Natural, Clean Label Vegetables in Dried, Frozen and Puree options. 

Totes, drums and bag in box packaging options available.

nutrition supplements, brown vitamin pil

Vitamin & Mineral Premixes

Custom Nutrient Premixes
Direct Compressible Granulations

Microencapsulated Nutrients

Liquid & Powder

Let us help formulate your next best seller.
Tell us about your project today.

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